Tuesday, June 30, 2009


80 thats the number ... It is the dollars battle line for deflation vs stagflation inflation. Keep watching it.. Remember 88 if we get there and we might ...load the miners auy gg slv ssri......the dollar is toast. 13.90 that is where I will add a little UNG today. 49...Theat is the number I am waiting for to play TBT......I do own tiny TBT at 53.....Oh yeh......where is the SnP.......ok guess again.......finish red.......919

Monday, June 29, 2009


It is a slow day in the East Texas town of Emory.It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted.Times are tough, everybody is in debt and everybody lives on credit.On this particular day a rich tourist from the East is driving through town.He enters the only hotel in the sleepy town and lays a hundred dollar bill onthe desk stating he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one tospend the night.As soon as the man walks up the stairs, the hotel proprietor takes the hundreddollar bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to pay his debt to the pigfarmer.The pig farmer then takes the $100 and heads off to pay his debt to thesupplier of feed and fuel.The guy at the Farmer's Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to thelocal prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has lately had tooffer her "services" on credit.The hooker runs to the hotel and pays off her debt with the $100 to the hotelproprietor, paying for the rooms that she had rented when she brought clientsto that establishment.The hotel proprietor then lays the $100 bill back on the counter so the richtraveler will not suspect anything.At that moment the traveler from the East walks back down the stairs, afterinspecting the rooms.He picks up the $100 bill and states that the rooms are not satisfactory...... Pockets the money and walks out the door and leaves town.No one earned anything. However the whole town is now out of debt, and looksto the future with a lot of optimism.That, folks, is how the United States Government is conducting business today.If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, then I don't know what will.
thnx joe hehhehe

Sunday, June 28, 2009


ITS WAR........not really ...at least not in the way you usually think of war. This is a stealth war....Oh make no mistake it is a war in deadly earnest. This is a World War waged by Titans. China Russia and the Opec producers against the Empire.....the USD....and in keeping with the war theme I will invoke an old artillery number .....the very effective German 88....Yup 88 keep that number burned into your brain 88 88 88 88....got it ....ok. If the GS led PPT can get the dollar to 88 ....wade in with all your reserves and attack. I mean a full out frontal assault ... buy every ammount of your favorite commodity or gold silver miner you can.....if you can't stand it then accumulate a little before.......but like any good general remember 88.

Tomorrow we should see an attempt at green.......but try and play some shorts if you do...I will try an sds if they turn it green....look for Dano's B tomorrow 905 before any real rally attempt...if you are smart then stay in cash and pay attention to above statement.......gl gang

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is inflationary and will give more imputus for the stagflationary scenario....

Friday, June 26, 2009


This zerohedge is a must read..........watta game ....let's get um....at least give it a try.....they took our country down ..the apathy..the greed..a lotta good people that worked and saved are going to loose everything.......many of you can kick some ass..........



This may wind up nuttin but.........................


ANSWER...hehe its a trick question. We are in ASSET DEFLATION not real deflation. Answer the question ...when you go to the grocery store is your bill cheaper ...when you eat out gas your car up pay your utility bills your taxes your college tuition your dentist your doctors bills........ARE your essential goods and services declining in cost........NO .......your house your boat your commercial property....deflating ....This is an essential question when investing in this market.....if we go into true REAL DEFLATION your gold mining stocks will decline....everything will except well played short positions.....but even these can be ground up if your timing is off . This is the real issue and NO ONE knows for sure where we will wind up. Our government has made a decision to reinflate at ALL COSTS and not allow true deflation. SO you have to watch the dollar if it falls below 80 when P3 hits we are in STAGFLATION......and not true deflation. And if that is not clear enough just look at the prices of essential goods and services...Hows that Joe.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ya gotta luv it....watta scam......don't cry for me Argentina......just make me sum MONEY....gotta go with Danos charts ......heeeeeees the master blaster. So REMEMBER ...when in trouble call 911 ....cuz that is a key number tomorrow.....sorry about the number 905 yesterday up late and tired did not pay attention to the close ....but my pivot turn north was spot on and I think a key day...GS IS the government and is NOT going to let P2 go easily. I believe this is a decision made at the very highest leve to mandate that GS is to manage the overall PPT mandate of preventing the equity market crash......so beware shorts....I am NOT buying the end of P2. My decision to protect my portfolio with the gold miners is not blindly made it is out of necessity. This market is a scam and to believe you will outguess a single market player is a fools game.....sure short term gambles with the ultrashorts or ultralongs have a role......but with great caution........so tomorrow watch 911.......should hold..gl gang


Nice find given to me by Palmerjoe......enjoy.......be sure to scroll down to ung.........


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OHHHH BOY!! Day of Reckoning.....the big kahuna...die baby die......Pivotal move .....the whole enchilada.....ok...well maybe not...but here goes.....turn north and reestablish the bull channel and go for yesterdays same call 905........NO guarantee but if we open weakly down be careful of trap.....hell....be careful period ....these slimeballs are stop shoppin almost everyday...you have a helluva chance of gettin creamed........gl

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Should see some bull action tomorrow early will try to show some strength early with volume...they will probably fold like a cheap suit ...but gotta go with the bull charge.......905 close..I will hope they fold so I can load with cheap miner stocks slv ssri auy gg.......but not tomorrow...gl gang


To reitterate a couple of thinking points and to beat a dead horse. Remember we have experienced a total financial collapse. There is a great sucking sound in our forests as trees are being taken at an exponential rate for the printing presses. This is called MONETIZING the debt. There is an unavoidable outcome out there called inflation. Our governments policy has been stated over and over by Bernanke...that we will print whatever ammount of money it takes to keep us out of deflation. This is sickening for it insures a worse outcome than if we had accepted our medicine and retrenched keeping the value of our currency...but NOOOOO not in our banksters cards. They have convinced the government that this policy would do irreperable harm to our economy as we loose our most valued assets.......the giant conglomerate banks (that put us in this mess). Thats right fellow sheeple we are saving the greediest fattest crookedest most disasterous component of our economy...the worthless greedy bottom feeders...the BIG FAT BANKS. So remember to load up on the gold miners ..hells comin and its comin faster than they want it to.........gl


Ba Ba BOOM...that wuz fun yesterday....luv that currrrrruunch.....Ok today probably not as much fun with FOMC on..look for attempt to take out 880 to fail...as they go for critical 875. I love danos bullish chart play ...I cannot see them giving up P2......so be careful...the close today.... don't have a clue......so will guess they close it green... 900

Monday, June 22, 2009


GOOOOOD MOOORNING .....aint it a peach.....we get great news about Goldman Sucks paying our hard earned stolen tax money for record bonuses.....oh wait......they paid back TARP....watta joke......how bout the back door billions from AIG 100% CDS payoff.....or money from the other 11 federal bailout acronyms......hell I can't even keep track....and that is the purpose of so many of these acronyms being set up...to keep the sheeple in the dark........watta mess.....oh back on track for the guessing game 900 today...barf...banksters win again...hehehehe......we are such suckers

Friday, June 19, 2009


Comprehension of this issue will give you the impetus to hold the miners stocks especially gold and silver.....please read the entire article...I believe this is one of the most critical articles I have read this year...thnx Palmer

China will not openly sell the USDollar, which means openly dump theirUSTreasurys and USAgency Mortgage Bonds. Doing so would constitute an opendeclaration of financial war, thereby destroying the value of its reserves andinviting open war with the US. Instead, China will continue to encircle theUSDollar, to encircle the vast supply chain, and pursue what should be regardedas a tight noose around the neck of the USGovt and USEconomy. Call it a pair ofleashes as they walk the dog of war. Recent efforts to establish the Chineseyuan currency as a global reserve alternative have proven effective. See thelandmark deal with Brazil. Settlement of international transactions will moreoften be completed in currencies outside the USDollar sphere. What we arewitnessing is a death of the USDollar by a thousand cuts, a Chinese torturetradition. The Beijing leaders have decided, for political and practicalityreasons, to employ the Gradualist Approach."http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1245341616.php


Its clear as a bell....so it HAS to be WRONG.......bulls should rip up to Danos 928 resistance and bounce a few times....close it below for the continued move up the ladder........watta scam......gl gang

Thursday, June 18, 2009


People have asked me how to invest in this market over the past year and a half and my answer has varied but always with the caveat that they can't trade the market without being locked onto a computer screen and awful ammount of time..in fact last year as many of us trading this market can remember like yesterday ....leaving the computer with the ultra etf's even to go to the potty was dangerous...hehehehhe ....oh the good old day's...glad they are gone for awhile. Now here is my suggestion.. don't fight these scum....begin averaging down in a basket of gold mining and silver mining stocks...again do your own research but I have been picking up auy ssri gg slv....they have had a correction and may go down further but you can start accumulating.....I don't have a favorite ...and remember they can correct even further so I will go heavy if they pull back another 20 %.....here is another reason I like um.........thnx Palmer..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Not a clue.......so again my best guess.....do you think enough bears are in the game? If you do, dont pay attention to this post ....now that I think about it......you probably shouldn't be paying any real attention to this anyway......it's a game...I do not believe the bears are in the game yet....900 smells good tomorrow......why ? ....cause we need more suckers....and believe me ...Danos number on C will work fine but the real trader is GS so look for a little more bleeding......play the stop shopping tomorrow.....if you HAVE to play......but be careful I don't think P2 is over....anyway thats my guess ....gl traders. remember GS is smarter than we are and they have complete control. It is NOT a free market.


Its a scam........remember....ok ...here it goes.......another stop shop day ...kick um out take the suckers money. There is only one trader in this market ...and its Goldman....so if you want to know the number know the game.......flat close......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Take this story for exactly what it is a can of worms.....implications of this are NOT known yet...but provide you with a clue of the concern this virus poses for scientist and the medical community.....My best guess at this point is we have problems this winter but there is absolutely NO WAY to say yet how bad...

There are fears though that it could mutate into a deadly strain, much in the same way as the 1918 Spanish flu -- also an A(H1N1) virus type -- did when it killed tens of millions around the planet.
According to the WHO, 36,000 people in 76 countries have been infected with the H1N1 virus, causing 163 deaths.



One hundred trillion....the number on the Zimbabwe bill on CNBC this morning...hehe...Thats where we may be headed..not yet though. Dollar down today..oil up strong..gold up.. Russia threatening a new national super currency. Yup the world is getting nervous boyz n girlz...This charade will have an ending and it won't be pretty...They may have put a stopper on the equity market bubble leak but at what cost...gotta get that 10 year rate down soon...watta mess. I was hoping for red opening but it looks green which makes me bearish today....look for 910 today.....if we open red I will add UNG....gl gang

Monday, June 15, 2009


Thnx Palmerjoe ...
Two weeks ago precious metals were as hot as ever. Gold prices were climbing. Gold stocks were doing even better. And silver prices were leading the way.
The old adage, “when gold climbs, silver soars” was playing out perfectly. Gold booked its biggest monthly gain since November. Silver, however, climbed past $15 per ounce and had its biggest monthly climb in 22 years according to MarketWatch.
Silver was showing its value as a dual-purpose commodity.
As an industrial metal, silver’s uses in healthcare, photography, and as a chemical catalyst (just to name a few) has made it more attractive as the economy shows signs of recovery.
As a precious metal, silver has been getting a lot of attention as the U.S. dollar shows continued weakness. Also, when the big money rotated around into gold and John Paulson’s big bet on gold were making headlines, gold was the hot sector. Silver was getting a lot more attention as an undervalued corollary.
Of course, sectors fall in and out of favor. Momentum traders have proven their willingness to quickly move onto something new. But if you’re looking for a long-term investment in silver, aside from silver ETF’s like the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV), silver mining stocks are the way to go


Yowza...its FEAR its a SELLOFF...not....Do not get your panties in a wad just yet. There is absolutely NO reason to believe the boyz in the GS box seats have relinquished controls of the market to natural forces.....look for a move down for a week or two to drag back in some bears for fattening before P2 continues its summer slog.....I want 878 area.....but will we see? It will take awhile. Look for a nice controlled beat down. Need to get those 10 year Ts up a little and bring those rates down and watch that dollar gotta bring it up. It is one helluva tight rope they are walking and the crocodiles are looking up and waiting for that final fateful slip...and it will happen....just not yet...hehehehe ...luv this game luv it.....Look for 922 today to touch...that should drag in some bears. gl gang

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Beware the ides of March.........they have not left us. We are in a manufactured P1 and P2......manufactured in the sense that an attempt to control their move without instilling panic ...P1 bottom was completely controlled.....with P2 already in the pipeline. The more important question is what does it mean to you as an investor and citizen... Down the road we are all to suffer.. but you don't want to be the bottom of the barrel in this slide. Sooo start accumulating physical silver gold now.......look for a pull back and add more heavy... Do NOT try to trade the market ...It is a rigged game ....if you don't believe that ...you need some serious help. Look at this as a reprieve from stress..enjoy your family time and freedom from this market. P2 is NOT a long play here so start taking some of your long profits if you are still there. And remember....watch the dollar ...if we are in P3 and dollar is below 79...we will get staflation......if above 80 then deflation for awhile longer.


I have discussed this with my friend Joe and still don't have a clue the impact myself of this at least at this juncture....but it is NOT a positive....especially for the markets...watch oil to continue its ride up this week......

Friction has been growing between Israel and the U.S. over Netanyahu's refusal to endorse the idea of Palestinian statehood and a settlement freeze, as sought by the Obama administration.
Netanyahu is to deliver a major policy speech Sunday to clarify his positions. An election victory by hardliners in Iran could strengthen his argument.
A count in Iran pointed to a landslide victory by Ahmadinejad, though his opponent, reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi, denounced the results as "treason" and threatened a challenge.
Despite the fluid situation, the statements by Ayalon and Shalom presumed an Ahmadinejad victory.
"If we had an any shred of hope for change in Iran, the re-election of Ahmadinejad demonstrates the increasing Iranian threat," Ayalon said in a text message sent to news organizations.
Ayalon also said that there was no difference between the incumbent and Mousavi concerning "the nuclear issue and terror," an apparent reference to Iran's support for the Palestinian militant faction Hamas and the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah.


Friday, June 12, 2009


Commodities guru Palmerjoe loves this one and the article is nice easy read.....

Enter Silver Wheaton (SLW). Silver Wheaton is the largest silver streaming company in the world. The Company has long term contracts to purchase all or a portion of the silver production from mines in Mexico, Sweden, Peru, Greece, Portugal, Canada and the United States, at a low fixed cost. Silver Wheaton’s unique and simple business model is designed to create long term shareholder value, providing significant leverage to increases in the silver price while mitigating the downside risks associated with traditional mining companies. Silver Wheaton is un-hedged and well positioned for further growth (taken directly from the company website).
The current forecast for ’09 sales are between 16-18 million ounces of silver and approximately 30 million ounces by 2013 as a growth trajectory. Now that’s a lot of metal, and it certainly poses potential benefits to anyone seeking a good silver play. Now don’t worry, don’t let the KaChing P/E of 140+ fool you, this company has been battered by the market's tumble, and has started recovering back to its consensus pricing level near 10$.
SLW shares continue to trade below their historical multiples, and should outperform the peer group of silver producers in any silver price scenario from here. If silver rises, SLW has historically been a good leverage play among the silver producers. If silver prices fall, SLW has much lower overhead, and no capital projects to fund. If base metal prices continue to decline, other silver producers will be more negatively impacted with respect to their operating costs and profitability, compared to SLW.



You must understand the following paragraph and its implications it is what as an investor will determine your pathway to survive this mess......

Overall now, the global economy is showing convincing signs of growth starting up. Nevertheless, the reliance on the U.S. consumer’s disposable income remains the key to global growth. This has to gain traction. But the deflationary holes are large and it seems that some of the new money out there is re-kindling inflation not simply turning deflation around. There are no instruments to accurately measure deflation and its path while measuring the detailed impact of the effect the new money is having. Much of that money is going where it shouldn’t and not going where it should! So we are in a wait and see mode, where inflation is not showing but deflation is still shouting, but not as loudly as before. When the mixture all comes together, we do expect to see deflation overwhelmed, as much by rising confidence, as by new money. But inflation has to take off for the same reasons.

But is this enough to change the climate for gold? Will this stall the gold price? No, we think not, because the gold price did not rise simply because of dropping consumer confidence, but because of the fears and uncertainties coming out of systemic failures. Has the flood of new money resolved the systemic failures or instigated more?


Sorry again........late.....not to worry....nothing has changed. The triangle continues.......look for push through 950. The conundrum is amazing....as investors are pushed out of safe money (Treasuries) into risk (equities) the 10 year rates explode.....imagine that...hehehhe....So now housing refinancing (you know..that other bubble) has hit a major wall. WHAT DO WE DO...hehehe..I luv this game......as I type the dollar is strengthening and gold falling....and.....equities falling....watta game....gl gang

Thursday, June 11, 2009

WARNING........THE FLU IS BACK........

I thought they might hold it off thru the summer but it is too widespread and is posing a potential looming catastrophe for the winter flu season.....Petrovsky is a poster on skf and a virologist that felt this was potentially a bust ..his tone has changed and is ominous......so is mine...here is an excerpt ...but we are officially in a pandemic.....do not ignore the potential implications and risks.

The World Health Organization declared an H1N1 flu pandemic Thursday — the first global flu epidemic in 41 years — as infections in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere climbed to nearly 30,000 cases.
The long-awaited pandemic announcement is scientific confirmation that a new flu virus has emerged and is quickly circling the globe. WHO will now ask drugmakers to speed up production of an H1N1 flu vaccine. The declaration will also prompt governments to devote more money toward efforts to contain the virus.


Sorry in and out .........numbers not changin......triangle playin out for final push...........dano says 989..............

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today the daily number is ONE...its the loneliest number in town......at least for Bernanke......as the printing press operates on maximum overdrive......the violation of natures law's draws nearer.......as more pressure on is exerted to drive savers into risk.......the pressure on the 10 year will begin to tell.......yes there is that awful unintended consequence that the piper will be paid for....so......keep your eyes on one the value of the dollar cuz it aint one ....one is gone..........long gone.........cryptic .....well ...it should be ...there is a war for that dollar and if that dollar breaks 80 hard we ARE gonna have sum stagflation.....minimally......if we break 70 all hell may break loose.....gl traders...

Monday, June 8, 2009


WTFC"s ...here goes anyway......bears will look to take out 935 hard tomorrow and drill us right into P3.....won't happen.......bulls (GS) need to keep this game goin....have to finish their distribution and tidy up for the sheeple......after all......a clean market is a happy market. So look for house keeping to continue awhile longer.......Most semi intelligent retail investors ducked for cover a long time ago.........some of us tried to play this for a short trade and were butchered.......still holding a third position of my original srs position and a little faz. Foolish but that is me........qid starting to build.......gld ung slv.........will hold tight.....bulls will rip off this triangle pattern for glory........at least that is what it looks like.......dano thinks P3 is near if he is right then he goes down as a legend.........


Can't keep this guy off the blog.....hehehehe.....great post off skf........

Re: Bloomberg-Nobel Winner Krugman Sees U.S. Recession Ending Soon 8-Jun-09 08:22 pm
Who else do ya think they give them Noobie Economics prizes to? Ask them about gold and they will preach the GDP fiat currency regime. Ask them about over priced options pricing model, and they will tell ya someone will value it more that is why the price should be so high, and forget to mention that someone is the taxpayer or savers who don't have a collective voice in how they are getting ripped off. Last small seminar with a Noobie Prize winner elicited those responses after I asked them, and the subsequent Stimpy clones supporting the status quo and pounding my pud for grins.The truth doesn't set ya free, it's more like a karmic mill stone. I rather ignore this whole mess and get back to my personal life, but bad things happen to me and my portfolio when I neglect the truth no matter how painful or contrary they are to my personal beliefs or expectations. That's why I am guessing sideways, up, sideways, up, etc. until we get the final big commodity spike that will get smacked down in Chinese water torture manner over a minimum of 6-8 months, where no matter what the government attemps to do the general US corporate debt and general equity markets will be locked up and illiquid in a painful slow death spiral down until P4 in this first wave. The reason for P3 is a flip of the coin right now, stagflation or deflation. My bet and guess is gooberment will pick the less painful banker friendly policy option of stagflation instead of the hard medicine of deflation. Longer term 3-5 years, most US paper assets will burn in relative value of where they stand today.All investment systems, strategies, and policies fail when a critical mass of participants use it. That's why the capital markets require a fairly balanced mix of bears and bulls to keep the steady stream of liquidity, proper resource allocation, stability and profits. That's why the current policy of hunting all bears and fleecing lemming longs to keep the overleveraged Ponzi debt and dollar scheme alive will cause a major Grand Super Cycle collapse of all US fiat dollar denominated assets.


Not sure if we should laugh or cry at this one so I'll laugh.....thnx joe........



I view this along with Palmerjoe as a critical issue that will determine the commodity play.....if you have the answer ....it will determine your play......

I am still in slight disagreement with Dan over when P2 of this first wave ends. It still has to be a point of disbelief my guess is around DOW 10,000+ and around the SPX trendline from Oct07-May08. The reason for P3 to commence may take one of two forms, either pure exhaustion then everything (equity, commodities, interest rates) drops like a rock after some distribution OR an event/realization that forces a flight from US equities, US debt and US dollar where US interest rates continue to climb along with key commodities energy, gold, and food also rising in US dollar pricing.The trading strategy is almost completely opposite for commodities depending on if P3 starts by fear of deflation or stagflation. Same goes for banks and cre at the onset, though it may seem counter intuitive. Deflation means short anything of leveraged value, however stagflation may see all hard assets bidded up initially including cre and banks as their hard asset holdings are perceived to increase in relative value against the US dollar.Just a word of caution to observe the why before betting the farm on 3x short ETF across all sectors. During the trough of P3 of this engineered wave 1 ,which should last about 8+ months, you may see strange things like YHOO at $5 and XOM at $150 or $50. If you want to play P3, don't try and guess the top wait until the short period of distribution at the top which could be 2 weeks to a month to assess what will be forcing the flight from most equities.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Why do we even care ....its a scam......oh well 924 for the bears....bulls need to blow out 950.......as usual I will go with the bears......anyway more serious news......watch for UNG to go to my 12.50....next couple of weeks I have a good position but will add at that level........also SLV ...looking for move to 20 or 21.........will sell on that B wave top.......and buy at C bottom......... also holding gld and gdx may lighten up tomorrow on gdx.........will also look at DXDBX...gl gang........

Saturday, June 6, 2009


If you don't read this in its entirety then do NOT invest in SLV. This waterloo will have a high probability of occurring as the Greatest PONZI in history unwinds. There are alternatives not discussed in this article for paper asset choices and that is the Miner stocks...that will be later .....so for now enjoy and play SLV...but you will have to move out for safety eventually.....here is a tease

With the holdings of these bullion-ETFs rapidly approaching the total annual production of precious metals miners, and already being larger than the national stockpiles of almost every nation on Earth, this obviously-suspect “business model” will attract increasing doubt and skepticism among informed investors – until even blind/deaf/dumb “regulators” are forced to conduct a reputable audit of this sector.
For those hoping to read precisely when and where the Manipulators will meet their final defeat, I suppose you will be disappointed. Sorry, but I'm an “economist” - not a “psychic”. However, hopefully readers will derive some use out of this commentary.
First, because of depleted inventories, it is much more likely that it will be a silver default which “kills” the Manipulators, instead of a gold default. Secondly, as precious metals investors wait for this inevitable occurrence, you are reminded that there are three potential developments to watch for – and not just a “failure to deliver” at the Comex.
In the meantime, any/every investor who continues to add to his (or her) precious metals positions (preferably during short-term dips) is guaranteed to be richly rewarded. Given the extremely uncertain times in which we live, the reward of financial security

Friday, June 5, 2009


Palmer Joe provides this gem..........and I think it is spot on ...read closely the entire article a link is provided............

The fundamentals that will propel wave 3 will be similar to wave 1 as the economy recovers, silver demand picks up industrially but again inflationary pressures begin to bear as commodity demand from China and elsewhere tightens. The inflationary effects of the worldwide credit crunch bailout will also finally filter through but we also expect Peak Oil to finally and decisively appear and oil to breach $200 and beyond. Wave 3 will occupy most of the next decade.

Wave 3 will not be the biggest move which is reserved for the final wave 5 blow off which will happen in the 2020s. This will be the equivalent of the 1980 blow off and silver will by then be in the hundreds of dollars as peak silver now gets a grip as well as the US dollar sinking under the combined effects of the Baby Boomers bankrupting the Medicare and Medicaid systems. You will just not believe how silver will perform in those days ahead but for now it is enough to consider your increasing silver hoard and expect great things.

In the meantime, silver continues to whipsaw and entertain its old friend volatility in this deflationary correction wave 2. Those who buy silver now and have a 10-20 year horizon will not be disappointed. Those who live for the week or month are advised to hold onto their silver positions but expect a multi-month peak in the summer months ahead.



It's majic............hehehe......the daily numbas are the jobs report........gold down .....market up up and away..........950...kabooom...watta joke........hang in der gang.......buy commodities on any pullback.........and hunkerdown..

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Don't expect this to go straight up....but after it consolidates....to the moon alice. Palmerjoe also is strong on SGY and I own it so take a look and do your own due diligence ...also took a position in USU today......fk um......thnx joe....for below article........


This guy is shining a light on the whole PONZI.......

The Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group (CRMPG)
Established in 1999 in the wake of the Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) crisis, it manipulates markets to benefit giant Wall Street firms and high-level insiders. According to one account, it was to curb future crises by:
letting giant financial institutions collude through large-scale program trading to move markets up or down as they wish;
bailing out its members in financial trouble; and
manipulating markets short or longer-term with government approval at the expense of small investors none the wiser and often getting trampled.
In August 2008, CRMPG III issued a report titled "Containing Systemic Risk: The Road to Reform." It was deceptive on its face in stating that CRMPG "was designed to focus its primary attention on the steps that must be taken by the private sector to reduce the frequency and/or severity of future financial shocks while recognizing that such future shocks are inevitable, in part because it is literally impossible to anticipate the specific timing and triggers of such events."
In fact, the "private sector" creates "financial shocks" to open markets, remove competition, and consolidate for greater power by buying damaged assets cheap. Financial history has numerous examples of preying on the weak, crushing competition, socializing risks, privatizing profits, redistributing wealth upward to a financial oligarchy, creating "tollbooth economies" in debt bondage according to Michael Hudson, and overall getting a "free lunch" at the public's expense.
CRMPG explains financial excesses and crises this way:
"At the end of the day, (their) root cause....on both the upside and the downside of the cycle is collective human behavior: unbridled optimism on the upside and fear on the downside, all in a setting in which it is literally impossible to anticipate when optimism gives rise to fear or fear gives rise to optimism...."
"What is needed, therefore, is a form of private initiative that will complement official oversight in encouraging industry-wide practices that will help mitigate systemic risk. The recommendations of the Report have been framed with that objective in mind."
In other words, let foxes guard the henhouse to keep inventing new ways to extract gains (a "free lunch") in increasingly larger amounts - "in the interest of helping to contain systemic risk factors and promote greater stability."
Or as Orwell might have said: instability is stability, creating systemic risk is containing it, sloping playing fields are level ones, extracting the greatest profit is sharing it, and what benefits the few helps everyone.
Michel Chossudovsky explains that: "triggering market collapse(s) can be a very profitable undertaking. (Evidence suggests)
here is the link in its entirety......must read.........



Its a SCAM...hehehe....they still will ultimately lose to the WAVE....and so will we all........but in the meantime lets play the game......914...look for bears to get a reprieve......the Goldman boys want to screw the longs today .....hope for gold to pull back there for add.......and hope tbt comes down.......gl gang

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Luv this article off of the skf board.....its why you as a citizen need to pound the table for your country and get off your ass tomorrow and speak up.

During the past five years, the one incident that caused me the most pain was watching Paulson, Dimon, Bernanke and Cox sitting behind the same table giving testimony to Congress. I was infuriated that the head of the SEC and the Secretary of the Treasury were seated with the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is the US government’s banker, and the CEO of JP Morgan, the banker who is the head of Humungous Bank & Broker (HB&B). Moreover, Dimon took over that role from Paulson after HB&B parachuted Paulson into the White House to take direct control of the People’s financial interests.
This week has presented the second biggest pain. I feel terrible that the People’s private capital, captured as Assets Under Management by HB&B, is being used by HB&B to promote the equity market to sufficiently high levels to permit those banks to issue enough new shares that will result in the control groups staying in control. The words Moral Hazard do not do this situation justice. The words Systemic Fraud come to mind.
Why did the S&P 500 index rally +5.80% this week? It happened because HB&B needed the public to feel good. It’s called sugar. What little wealth the public has left after losing trillions to billionaire bankers has been used to pave a yellow brick road for the anointed bankers, the top 19, to enable them to stay in control, to repeat their actions. I feel sick about it that there are people – clients even – who think this is a good thing.



Thnx for the prod gang...unfortunately I forget that many readers are not familiar with these names and take it for granted that nomenclature like Supercycles is familiar to all. The Kress cycle is well known within the cycle crowd but not known by the average Wall Street sycophant on television. This is not to be taken lightly......
The answer is very simple and straightforward. Liquidate all conventional equities on strength in 2011. Notwithstanding the negative potential that exists during 2012-2014, funds can be 100% committed and produce gainful returns. However, the old generals who have fought the old wars during the past half century with the “buy and hold for the long term” philosophy will have to change their mindset. I have difficulty with this approach, for long term we're all dead. It appears that this is a rationalistic euphemism for the inability to manage and avoid interim risk, thereby awaiting the market to recover the investor's loss. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article5820.html


Do not throw stones ....I have purposely not been playing the numbers game on the SnP the last two days.....and now you know why. We are in the Land of OZ right now and they are meaningless. This will not go on forever...but until I see legitimate market movement ....I will save the numbers for other "more meaningful" recipients. OBTW wasn't today a joke...flat line. Wednesday should be a pull back to support on the trend but play it at your own risk. Danerics blog was excellent tonite...please read P2 commentary. I do NOT agree but wish it were so, and have a great deal of respect for Dano and ya neva eva know. P3 is out there and it is a black ugly hole larger than a galaxy and hungrier than a great white shark. If you are heavy long this market here you could be the prey. As we get into P3 you will have to make some very difficult decisions....the least of which may be what to do with your 401K trading accounts......you know many of these brokerages will not be able to redeem....so start thinking now...I will post some ideas that may provide an alternative idea to just closing and taking the penalties.....gl and remember physical gold.....look and hope for pull back in gold but it could blow right through 1000.

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's trip to Asia has been heralded as a sales trip aimed at convincing the Chinese to keep buying U.S. Treasuries and thereby finance U.S. deficits. Such headlines are, in my humble opinion, an insult to the Chinese. Over and over again, we fall victim of the temptation to believe that Chinese leaders act in a vacuum, dictating policies out of a closet. Chinese leaders know very well the state of the Chinese, the U.S., and the world economy; they don't need a sales pitch. So what's the purpose of Geithner's trip then?
There's a saying that when you owe the bank a dollar, it is your problem. But if you owe the bank a million dollars, it's the bank's problem. Well, the U.S. owes China $767.9 billion worth of U.S. Treasury securities (Chinese holdings as of March 2009; see table) in addition to agency and other securities; in total, China owns about $1.4 trillion in U.S. assets. This is definitely China's problem. If this is a case of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" then the Chinese and the U.S. are in the same boat in trying to convince the world to buy U.S. Treasuries.
At times, however, it may be better for the world to see the challenges as they are and talk plainly about them. Maybe it takes a bodybuilder as emperor to have the courage to admit that clothes are long gone, such as is the case with California's finances. In California, with its dysfunctional state government, the governor is at least trying to rein in spending. Contrast that with New York where the solution to every financial crisis seems to be tax increases. The federal level, however, beats them all: the Federal Reserve's (Fed's) printing press attempts to keep up the illusion of prosperity. Printing money, however, only works when there are takers. That's where Treasury Secretary Geithner comes in. However, Geithner is no bodybuilder but has a lot of heavy lifting to do if he is to make U.S. debt appear attractive.
Unfortunately, the situation is far too serious to talk in puns. While the U.S. government and China are the most prominent figures in this drama, all of us are participants. Indeed, while we ponder whether the Chinese may continue to finance U.S. deficits, we should also be concerned about all other potential buyers, including domestic buyers. One of the new growth areas in U.S. finance is to offer services to U.S. institutional investors to hedge their U.S. dollar risk. It's virtually unheard of that institutions in the developed world hedge their domestic currency risk. Yet this is a very real consequence of present market interventions. It doesn't matter whether Americans or foreigners sell the dollar: a dollar sold is a dollar sold. If the Fed prints too much money and/or artificially lowers the yield on U.S. Bonds, Americans and foreigners alike may flee the currency.
Not surprisingly, Geithner assures China - and with it the rest of the world -U.S. deficits will be brought under control once the economy recovers. Trouble is: a) the shape of the recovery is far from certain: trillions may be wasted through inefficiently applied programs that prop up a broken system rather than providing incentives for a sustainable recovery; and b) considering all the Administration's ambitions, it is difficult to imagine just how the looming deficits are going to be tackled even with the most optimistic of assumptions. Aside from the long-term challenges, the U.S. may need to raise about $3 trillion of new money in the debt markets this year; this could weigh heavily on the bond market at a time when a fragile recovery may depend on a strong bond market.
In addition to the photo-ops, a good deal of Geithner's time is likely to focus on discussing the "exit strategy." A crisis is too good an opportunity to miss. Unfortunately, U.S. policies have so far sorely lacked in reform to promote a more sustainable future. Rather than encourage an economy more focused on savings and investments, there was no incentive for businesses to invest in the so-called stimulus bill. On the contrary, all efforts were aimed at getting consumers to keep up their borrowing. The U.S. savings rate is slowly moving upward, but more out of consumer desperation than a new vision for a more prosperous future thnx joep


Sorry working last night ....slow to the bell....and the number is 982....gold......hehe . Oh the market you say......how about.....bulls pop 950 and pull back to 928 to make this rally look normal today....but back to substance ..here is a nice palmerjoe read.........

Other than a rare forecast of a correction, yours truly has been very bullish on the precious metals since the spring of 2003. As good of a move as it has been since then, I truly believe we’re only on the threshold of the explosive stage. Despite a near universal dislike for gold among the “happy” people, the mainstream media, and a few perma-bears who have been so wrong for so long (yet for some unknown reason continue to be quoted), gold and silver have outshined just about everything else. The fun can really get started in gold if and when we get above $1,050 and stay there for more than a couple of weeks.
We should see some consolidation. News of IMF sales is welcomed as I believe it will be absorbed without any real damage. For years this fear has hung over gold and will finally be removed. Bring it on!


Monday, June 1, 2009


Thanks Palmerjoe................

The Real Bubble

Markets and investors still do not grasp the problems facing the US economy. The stock market bubble of the 1990s, the housing bubble and the more recent Treasury bubble were not the real bubbles. They were all offshoots of the main bubble, which is the US Dollar. That bubble is now bursting. The US Dollar is falling against every currency in the world. This is not because of quantitative easing or our weak economy, as many countries are facing similar problems, but rather because so many US Dollars are held abroad by individuals and central banks. For example, the US Dollar can fall against the Korean Won, despite Korea being an export-dependent economy because the central bank in Korea and so many Korean investors own US Dollars. As their holdings lose value, the temptation to sell increases dramatically. On the contrary, relatively few Americans own the Korean currency and thus there is virtually no selling pressure.

There is no doubt that the US benefited during the 1980s and 1990s from foreigners accumulating US Dollars. Interest rates, commodities, and consumer prices were kept low, which helped to propel asset prices higher. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Most informed people knew by the end of the housing market that the flurry of activity was unsustainable. However, where views differed was the extent of the damage of the correction. The key was understanding that housing was a bubble and bubbles end disastrously. Today most people know that the policies of the US government’s stimulus and bailout plans, not to mention Social Security and Medicare, are problematic for the US fiscal situation and US Dollar yet have not accepted that the US Dollar is a bubble. When the market fully recognizes the Dollar bubble, the outcome will prove disastrous for anyone holding US Dollars.



987..........the current futures gold price. As we march towards the prearranged meet with destiny.....200dma....I thought we should take note of gold. I still believe we get a major readjustment in gold before the final thrust to 3000 and above..... but I decided it was time to hedge my shorts and have taken a large position. Anyway enjoy your day the daily numbers is a joke but I will continue to post the spot with numbers that mean something ..today its gold. gl gang.......