Monday, January 29, 2018


BORING....... How can one not sit back and not appreciate the illusion that's been created by the power. Its so quiet that I can't even find nice Shemitah youtube to watch.  Even the latest Billionaire couple suicided murder is yawned at by the media. Gitmo buildup is quiet. Q Anon is a big fat yawn. My friends are buying new boats for the lake. BitCon is down 50% and no one cares. The stock market is making new highs. The bond market is what.  Food prices rising.....gas prices rising....wages stagnant. one cares. 

"The Bubble Has Burst" - Bitcoin Tumbles Below $8,000 As Cryptocarnage Continues....but but Bix Weirdo told me it better than gold.....eeeeeeeeeeee

FBI Agents Issue Statement In Support Of FBI Director...moar popcorn

Bitcoin Crashes Below $9,000 - Lowest Since Thanksgiving....look out belooooow

Greenspan Warns: "We Have A Stock Market Bubble"....Blow me helped make it

FBI Deputy Director McCabe Has Stepped Down Effective Today

Super Bowl parties this week......Olympics in South Korea soon. No one cares. Silver flat. Bix Weirdo and Andy Whacko pumping BitCon and CONdemning silver in spite of their years of telling you silver was the greatest buy and hold in history. Bill Holter very quiet for past two weeks. No one even brings up gold or silver on CNBS. 

No one is even talking about a "correction" anymore. The market isn't even going to "CORRECT"!! ...LOL.  We are now going into over 20 years a correction......or at least that's what you're supposed to believe.

Trump "Erupted In Anger" Over DOJ Refusal To Release FISA Memo: Report...well Donald there's a simple solution after all you are the

Everything is now "fixed".....LOL.....oooboy is it now we can all go about our lives and borrow even more fiat to buy even more worthless shit.....after all we are a CONsumer eCONomy now and that is the basis for not only our growth but our future success as a world power. LOL.....just read that last sentence again and digest the absurdity of it. That is exactly what you are told daily and you are supposed to ACCEPT THAT NONSENSE?

Street Spooked By Yellen's Upcoming Hawkish Swan Song.....oh no!!! oh spank me janet and make me do naughty things....LOL

Well you had better accept that because that really is all we are.  Don't look at silver or gold and don't listen to the idiots like myself that talk about the metals. You just buy Netflix and Amazon and hold on tight since they are a peach!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


What does malaise signify? Well you have to put it into a proper context and apply its significance. In this case I want to point out how this sentiment affects the miners and bullion markets. You remember those markets. I remember first becoming an investor in miners in early 2009 after much of the first baby bull move had already occurred. At that time I began my education on monetary policy and how precious metals were ultimately the obvious choice to protect my wealth. It seemed obvious at the time from a macro view point. There was no malaise in this sector at that time since it had already caught the attention of hedgees and some retail investors like myself.

FBI "Loses" Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump

I was well aware of how the markets were manipulated, including the PM markets. My paranoia of the cabal aided me in approaching even an obvious bull trade like miners with a healthy degree of fear. It did not prepare me for a 90% beatdown in the sector. However I did have a prepared plan after looking at how they had beaten down the sector by a similar percentage in 2008 to STAY INVESTED and wait the bastards out. I knew that some of the miners would be taken out and a couple of my miners went under. I folded on one big position right at the bottom. However I stayed fully invested in the sector throughout with some positional trading and was made completely whole (and then some) in 2016. Of course they had to have a correction and as I stated in the fall of 2016 I took some profit .  I wish I had taken more but as usual the bull pull was strong.

"Biggest Theft In Crypto History": Over $400MM Stolen From Hacked Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange....LOL I thought you COULDN'T have this happen. Wait till the dummies find out that all of their digital air is EASILY ripped off.

Former Fed Insider: “Goldbugs Are THE ENEMY Of The Central Banks”

So past is not prologue but we are once again entering an important inflection point. No bull market begins on euphoria. It begins in malaise and selling exhaustion. It begins in a total disgust of the sector. They flush all of the weak hands out before they enter every bull phase. They finish off every last seller to get the out and then for good measure tell them to never EVER come back and slap them a couple of more times for effect. They take their cheap shares and they start the process of a bull move all over again. These sectors are so hated at this time that NO ONE dares to discuss these sectors for fear of being laughed at. THAT is how THEY CONtrol a sector that  they are preparing to take up. No one even believes its a bull move until its undeniable and they miss the first doubles and triples in many of the individual beaten down miners.

HOW they take it up and at what speed is for THEM to know and for you to discover if you are invested in the sector. Make no mistake. The general equity market is at nosebleed levels and is euphoric. Money is fungible and will rotate into sectors that are beaten down as greed is replaced by fear. As Jesse Livermore said......PATIENCE.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Gold has been almost straight up since the mid December rate raise. The Fed has been unusually quiet since their 25bip raise. Typically there would be multiple Fed speakers coming out immediately after the announcement trying to walk back the rate raise with cautionary verbage. Remember Rickards telling you there would be a December surprise with NO rate hike. Funny how that worked out Jim. I can't beat you too much Jim, since your premise was absolutely correct. 

"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation".....LOL...maybe they'll spank them hard.....

They really can't raise these rates too much higher without triggering a mathematical tsunami. But Jim ask yourself this question. WHY did you ever think this carefully crafted Fed meme of a "global recovery" requiring "normalization" of interest rates would be suddenly changed with a surprise "no raise". 

CONfidence is vital to keeping the underlying economy going. It should be apparent to anyone with two functioning brain cells we are in a centrally "managed" or as some of us like to say a RIGGED economy. Every significant part of our perception is managed now. From the nightly news to the movies we watch to the business statistics. Its all designed to fit a narrative of a sustained recovery. Just one little problem.....its all a lie and with all lies eventually the truth will prevail.  In this case one of the biggest impediments is the DEBT. They are fully aware that real inflation is already well entrenched in the "real" economic statistics. They are also fully aware the "brakes" that must be applied are the same interest rates being currently used to aid in giving us the impression they are trying to "manage" economic growth. So do you see their conundrum? LOL...they might actually achieve their public inflation target. So what happens then?

Mania...Now Bloody Slaughter of BitCON...Women and Children and Babies Thrown Out With the Bathwater...Cliff High and Bix Weir calling for Their Mommies

Well you already have stagflation that you are trying to conceal and now you're getting undeniable inflation as this economy tries to achieve escape velocity. You raise again. The economy continues to heat up with even hotter evidence of inflation. You raise again. The market begins to see the same thing. Stagflation with rising inflation metrics. Its a recipe for disaster because you are raising interest rates into an underlying debt monster.

Beware Harry Dent may be an Assclown

 Suddenly the debt monster rises to the fore and the Bond vigilantes begin to press their bets. If you the rates to rise beyond a certain level (and they will) all of their debt driven "recovery/growth" shuts down hard. Mortgage buying collapses. Car loans collapse. Consumer loans default. Mortgages default. Car loans collapse.


So will they keep raising rates?  Will they collapse their debt bubble they reinflated? Well they instead, pull back on rate increases and let the underlying stagflation continue and inflationary pressures become self evident with the accompanying weakening dollar? Not a comfortable place to be in for our next Fed Chairman. Its math. Its a rule of Nature. You're gonna pay the piper, one way or the other.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


You've heard about deflation and how afraid the Fed is of deflation. Well of course there is truth to this but what is not discussed is the real fear and that is inflation. Its not discussed because its going to blow the entire ponzi to hell. Right now we have inflation. Its kept hidden through a number of statistical tricks that maintain the illusion we have slow growth with low inflation. The reason I bring this subject up again and again is because it is essential to the ponzi. 

How Jeff Bezos' Washington Post Became The US Military-Industrial Complex's Chief Propagandist

The "velocity of money" is at an all time low. Even lower than the Great Depression, but this time we are in a "recovery". So why is all of this a problem? We popped a major "debt bubble" in 2001 and in 2008. After each "pop", we pumped them right back up with even more debt.....doubling the debt each time. So we have just infused more and more debt into an unsustainable debt system within a dying demographic time bomb. It not only will end badly, but it has no choice but to end badly. The cumulative debt in public and private sectors is staggering. Mathematically any significant interest rate raise will implode the debt bubble and economy(at least what is left of an economy). Boiling the frog has been the decided upon strategy but it too has major limitations. 

Simply put, something is going to give. Either we allow this current bubble to implode into a deflationary orgy of pain or we pour money into this until obvious inflation occurs and the velocity of money takes over with a collapse in the value of most debt currencies. Two choices but only one outcome and that is collapse. Central bankers will not allow a complete deflationary collapse but they may try and engineer a "controlled demolition".  This is the crux of what I believe they may try this year. 

Baltimore Residents Use GoFundMe To Buy Heaters For Broken, Freezing Schools..."its all good"

A controlled demolition of selected asset classes allows the Fed to do what they do best and that is print more money to reflate a "popped bubble".  Once again they get to pick the winners and the losers. Once again the bankers maintain there control of the financial system and economy (or at least what is termed an economy).  For this game to play out, they must infuse an element of  "growth/inflation" with a cry for higher interest rates this year. To make this scenario believable, I think they will allow silver and gold to have a controlled move up but possible not breaking out this year over previous all time highs. Put more simply, they need higher interest rates and these will terminate the stock market asset parabolic rise. The bankers know the resulting collapse will be heralding in a whole new round of negative interest rates and QE. They'll make money on the volatility and then position themselves in the cheaper shares for the next pump up.

Walmart Abruptly Closing 260 Sam's Club Stores, Firing Thousands On Same Day It Raised Minimum Wages.....don't wurry its all good

Sounds simple. Its not. This time the debt is not going to allow the same long term pump to new highs. The rest of the World's Central Banks are sick of us using the dollar and therein lies gold and silver's next resurgence to massive highs. I think that gold and silver are in a new bull market and have been since December of 2015. It may not feel like it, but the price and charts say other wise.

Monday, January 1, 2018


I'll bet you do too. I bet ya wish you had never seen this sector. Its been one miserable trade especially when one considers the incredible fundamentals in place for years now in gold and the mining shares and the reasons to invest in them. How could you have been so wrong about something? I mean HOW could you not have just stayed long the SnP for the past 9 years or at the very least bought great companies like Tesla and Amazon that just burn money and rack up debt? Anyone can see that investing in these companies is a no brainer.

The Fed’s Worst Nightmare...GOLD!!..It Gives Them Uncontrollable Watery Diarrhea

Maybe you're one of those economists that listens to how aggressive the Fed talk is with interest rate raises while trumpeting how "strong the economic growth is".  Imagine just how truly absurd it is to raise just a mere 25BPS and have to immediately walk back that pathetically tepid raise with "dovish" language each and every time.  I think we're up to a stunning 1.75% on their overnite with the yield curve screaming recession. You just can't signal "Crash Ahead" much louder, yet the media continues to praise the "Recovery". So what do you do? Invest in Bonds? Maybe if you're Bill Gross and can hedge yourself with the right maturity mix....etc etc....  I'm not that smart. I've traded through this corrupt casino for years and if there is only one thing I learned, its to understand and believe in what you are investing in.

8 years  ago I began to make repeated replies to questions on Precious metals to explain why I was going to be long this sector. I frequently quoted a major economic factor governing PMs. People wondered whether it would be inflation that drove PM prices. People wondered whether it would be a deflationary collapse that drove prices. I replied that either would be major bullish reasons to own PMs but that my sources then and my research then indicated it would be STAGFLATION we would receive and that also was bullish for PMs. So that is why I was a steadfast holder and added to positions for 8 years.  I replied repeatedly there was only ONE bearish scenario for PM prices and that was a long term SLOW GROWTH with LOW INFLATION. 

Baltic Dry Index Plunges Most In 2 Years (Despite Global Coordinated Growth)

The true power knew this and created JUST that scenario for the past 8 years. It was no accident. They had detailed conversations to insure this scenario would not only unfold but be believed. They had to protect the dollar. They had to paint the scenario of SLOW GROWTH and LOW INFLATION. It was a complex and well coordinated mix of policy and monetization with the media and statistic collectors all colluding. John Williams of Shadowstats and many others cried foul but it was of little effect as long as the liquidity spigot to the counterfeit fiat system remained on GO worldwide. To keep the illusion alive they allowed other Central banks to print and buy not only THEIR own company's stocks but US company stock too. Just as the Swiss National Bank has with companies like Apple. You just couldn't have made this up.

Pot Stocks Tumble After Jeff Sessions Rescinds Policies Allowing States To Legalize Pot And Declares Alcohol Next

I'm not skating too far out on this ice and predicting it all ends this year. It might. Then again, it might go longer. One thing I am seeing is flattening yield curve and a dying free market economy burdened by the weight of its corrupt carcass. Pigs like McCain, Pelosi, Graham, and Reid have destroyed any semblance of integrity and justice. Everyone is taking the Red pill now. At some point if you eat enough shit, you start to refuse to swallow and we are at that critical juncture for an awful lot of people. 

I think they are already anticipating this next recession and are going to do exactly what people have predicted. They will open the printing spigot and AND lower interest rates later this year or next and then rapidly go to negative interest rates. They will probably be implementing a digital/crypto currency control grid that will make it difficult for the trapped lemmings to hide from the negative rate plundering. THIS will then start the inflationary pain and you will see the necessary collapse of the dollar to erase the debt bubble. None of this will happen overnight, but it might happen rapidly enough that you find yourself trapped anyway. You've had plenty of time for preparation. Whether we get the perp walks this year or whether we get wars or disease or false flags.....I cannot predict...but I can predict their will be some or all of these to disguise and provide cover for the coming inevitable changes.