Sunday, September 29, 2019


Whether we like it or not, this is the face of our leadership. Geriatric, demented, drug ravaged puppets pretending to make decisions guiding the future of our planet. Safeguarding our rights while popping prescription amphetamines to keep their time ravaged carcass masquerading as a vital human.

Saxo: Weakening The Dollar Is The Global Economy's Last Best wonder where I heard of this

Store Closures Approach 9000 for 2019! Massive Retailers Going BUST as Economy Falls!...but its all good lol?

I should just stop this post with that descriptive paragraph and let you digest its implications to your future, but I have to elaborate a bit further on this abomination. If you're a religious person then one surely must ask if a higher authority exists then how in the HELL does this deity allow these disgusting, murderers to exist in this capacity. 

Michael Snyder: Mainstream Media Urges Americans Get Ready For “President Mike Pence” it me or does this scare the shit out of you too

"Something Seems Amiss": For Morgan Stanley, Market Feels "Very Similar" To Just Before It Collapsed One Year

Maybe there really is a horrific, evil, entity that is powerful enough to keep these people existing on earth, well after their brain has been devoured by termites. How does one criticize Pelosi to a dumbed down MSM follower and then defend a bombastic, narcissistic personality like Trump. A supposedly educated man that butchers high school grammar.  It makes ZERO sense.
We Are in the Land of Oligarchs and their Demagogues and Stooges.......

Senior Twitter Executive Exposed As British Psy-Ops

We are now engaged in what appears to be some type of Kabuki Theater pretending to be a representative government. We have MSM dinosaur media crying rape by Trump. We have Nancy bravely crying for the orange man's head, literally days after telling Nadler to back off jack from the same antics.

Its meant to CONfuse you. Its intended to distract you. Its intended to demoralize the awake. Its designed to maintain a system of corruption and pure evil while it extracts the life blood of the
 World. Its all good. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Not with a bang, but with a whimper the mighty empire falls. Rotting from its core. A cesspool of broken morality and broken promises. Your daughters selling themselves to middle aged men on a digital website so they can pay for their college debt. Their college debt that will allow them to become a barista with a 250K debt college debt. 

September Container Shipping Rates Collapse 43% Forcing Carriers To Slash Capacity.....shouldn't be a problem lol

Artificial intelligence is openly telling every working citizen they're about to be replaced. After they're replaced, then Artificial Intelligence will eliminate them from the face of this planet. So the citizens are already drowning themselves in heroin/fentanyl/meth and a mix of prescription antidepressants that numbs their pain while they swim in the sewer that is their daily existence. 

Harvard Trained Economist: Major Bitcoin Break Down Suggests The Same For THINK?

Oil Set To Spike After Report Saudi Repairs At Abqaiq May Take "Up To Eight Months" didn't take long to change.....

They pray. They hope. They wonder if they've been forsaken. They can't fathom how a corrupt government is able to escape any semblance of justice. They just stare into space when they're told the system is designed for their extraction. They are having not just their hard labor extracted, but they are having their very souls taken.

They can't understand how they haven't had a wage increase in two decades. Many can't understand how they actually are losing in their yearly income. Many never regained a full time job. Many can't even pay for one emergency room visit. One hospitalization and many will have to declare bankruptcy. 

Collapse Will Be Local, Proximity To Left-Wing Cities May Determine Your Fate

They watched while the financial world was collapsing a decade ago and were asked to bailout the very system that created the crisis. They never got a vote. They are now poor and watch while the criminals get richer and richer while the elite fly over the filth in the middle of the country looking down from 30,000 feet. 

They watched while their businesses are extracted by "disruptive" technology lol.......really its just corporations given billions to lose on a quarterly basis while strangling the small business not allowed to feed at the trough of corruption.

They have lost their voice. They've lost they're hope. There's no redemption. There's only rot. You don't "recover" from that. So have you lost hope? Do you understand what happened to us? I do. I haven't lost hope. Maybe I come from another time, but I intend to fight. Fight by informing anyone that will listen to me. Buy precious metals, even just a few ounces of silver on a regular basis. Try and be a stronger person for your family and your friends. Prepare.

Friday, September 6, 2019


Nahh.....just a little shakeout in the Gold bull for the weak weenies.  Gold isn't dead like the Jeffery Epstein story is in the MSM. Now that story is fochin DEAD. Jeffery WHO? That mofo is D E A D! No story now get the foch outta here All those pervs jammin' there junk in those little girls is OVER ROVER now send JIMMY OVER! Anyone that thinks there's gonna be sum fallout on the Deep State after this hit is gonna be very disappointed. Our DOJ is still investigating the cameras in their crime lab. Barr will announce the results shortly. 

“No Matter What They Call It, QE is Back,” never left

"Withheld" - Access To Prison Documents About Jeffrey Epstein Fornally Denied

Back to the slaughter in the gold trade. Can you believe this shit didn't just go to the moon once it broke out from 1360? I'm shocked. Oh wait. I guess gold hitting 1560 is just a joke while the dollar has been strengthening. Must be time for another multi year beatdown for the goldbug crowd. 

I hope so......I'm gonna buy a load of cheap silver, but somehow I suspect this bull isn't even close to getting started.  When this run ends, you're going to see a lot of schmucks wishing they had a little of the shiny stuff in their hands.

Spent some time last week with my boyz and learned a little more about this ponzi's last legs and it has become very long in the tooth for them. They actually were very clear the cycle exceeded their given time limitation. BTW this does not mean they know its over now but they know its damn close. 

Crashing Angel: Moody's Downgrades Ford, And Its $84 Billion In Debt, To Junk....tic toc

Enjoy the fall. I'm now headed from the East Coast to the West Coast and I can tell you I won't be losing sleep on what the miners do the next few weeks if they beat the shit out of them and neither should you. I'll be in the heart of the Deep State in Cupertino and need every bit of my concentration to absorb their delicious curry dishes. gl all