Wednesday, October 23, 2019


It is literally right in your face. More than 20 years ago the average salary of a federal employee became higher than a private employee. Especially when you add in health and retirement benefits does this become even more glaring. A member of the Federal and State and Municipal government/employees has now risen to a status where they are the chosen members of a "capitalistic bastion of the world". The private sector is divided into the corporate and small business sectors. The large corporations are intricately woven into the government and the largess this relationship provides.

In 2015 the average federal worker compensation was $123,161 or 76% MORE than the average private sector worker's $69,701.

So ultimately we have the "workers" of the large corporations and the "workers" of the truly private enterprise that represent the broad tax base supporting the government sectors. The large corporations are directly married to the government and profit immensely especially in the C suites with 7 figure salaries. This marriage of government and C suites form your "Deep State" and has formed the CONtrol of the "working class" which is in reality  slave class with NO meaningful voice in their future. So what happens next?
$100 Billion Of Liquidity Injections Each all good bitchezz

Its already beginning. When people lose all hope they lose it as Celente says. Look at what is happening NOW. Bolivia in full rebellion. Same in Chile. Venezuela in collapse. Catalonia burning. Syria in rubble. Yemen in rubble. Lybia on fire. Saudi Arabia on fire. Ukraine war. Kurds/Turkey at war. Hong Kong burning. British Brexicutioned.

"My House Could Be Burning Right Now": LA Menaced By Wildfires Burning Across California....its all good

These are the results of economic and corruption failures of the "Deep State". The "strong dollar" is strangling the world through its own corruption. It either weakens very soon or all of the world will explode with us following. The repo market tells you its already burning....its just not telling you where, but you better take note it IS on fire.


  1. I think one has to ask, could we have had it any other way and would it have been better but from what I see first hand and in the big picture is a few spoiled apples spoils the bunch which was not the way it was designed but talk about self fulfilling prophecy.

    "They paint my car like a target, I take my orders from fools. Meanwhile some kid blows my head off while I play by their rules."

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    1. Forgive that student debt, praise be!!! Must be Jubilee. It is all good.